Host your own workshop: Fish & Bones necklace


With this file you will have everything you need to host your own workshop. Specifically, the fish & bone workshop. Of course you will have to order the tools and materials yourself, but everything else is listed in this handout:

  • Specific tools and materials you need,
  • How to manage your workshop time wise,
  • Which steps to take in what order,
  • A worksheet for your participants,
  • How you can speed up or slow down to process to make sure you will finish on time,
  • Some tips and tricks on how to turn your workshop into a success.

Next to this downloadable product, you can watch a video on how I created the pendant on my YouTube channel. This for some extra feedback and information.

Finally, please note that I post all my videos on YouTube for free. By buying this workshop handout you are supporting me and my business. I would like to ask you to keep this handout for yourself and not distribute it amongst other metalsmiths or share it online. Thank you for your support.


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