If you can
dream it, you
can do it.

What to buy
and whom to trust
When you're just getting started it is really hard to find the right equipment. There are so many tools out there and most of them are pretty expensive. I hope I can save you from spending too much. I've been there and done it. I have bought tools I've barely used and have tried to cut some corners buying cheaper stuff, only to have to spend way more in the end. So please learn from my mistakes and get it right, straight away.

Tools I have put together 3 different tool packages, to go with the 3 different learning stages of my online course. You can get acquainted with metalsmithing without having to invest in all the tools straight away. Suppliers Of course you are free to buy the tools and equipment wherever you want. Second hand marketplaces can be quite interesting as well. In case you don't know where to go, there are a couple of suppliers I recommend. Discounts These companies have a passion for metalsmithing and are eager to help. That is why I can offer you some great discount codes. By using these codes you will support my channel as well so it's a win-win situation for both of us.

Herens & Herens If you are from Europe, check out Herens & Herens. They are my go to place. It's a small family based business in the Netherlands. Everyone who works there is an educated metalsmith. This way you will get the best advise every single time. Their website is www.herens.nl. It is a Dutch site but you can just click the little English banner in the top right corner if you don't speak Dutch. You don't need a chamber of commerce number to order, but you do have to register. Just so they can make sure you are a serious hobbyist or a professional. You can let them know you are following my online course and you should be good to go. If you place your order and add the code estona5 in the comment section while checking out, you will receive a 5% discount on all of their tools. You can use the discount code every time you order. Please do! By clicking the link below you will be taken to the part of their site where you can find all three starter sets and even my soldering setup. Seen at Estona

Gesswein And for all of you outside of Europe there is Gesswein. A family business as well. They are based in America but they ship worldwide. A wonderful company with people eager to help. So if you are looking for a starter package (check the list of supplies below) or you want to add other tools to your collection, go to www.gesswein.com. If you use the code EST21 while checking out, you will receive a 5% discount on almost all of their tools. You can use the code as often as you want. List of Supplies

Durston And again, another family company. I am discovering a trend here. If you are a metalsmith, you probably are familiar with Durston. They are known for their rolling mills and jewelers benches but they do have a lot more tools in stock. Durston is a premium brand, they only sell quality tools. You can be sure of that. Quality does come at a price, therefore I am happy I can offer you a whopping 10% discount on each order you place with them. You will receive the discount if you go to www.durston.com/estona AND use the code estona10. Shop at Durston