Printable: Soldering


You can find a lot of information about soldering in this seven page soldering printout. How to start, what to look out for, how to solder and how to clean up. I have added two images of the melting temperatures of silver and gold and their solders as well. Next to this downloadable product, you can watch several videos on soldering on my YouTube channel. If you want to learn more about the basics, check out the soldering tutorials I have posted on Patreon. If you do join on Patreon in the gold or platinum tier, you can download it for free.

Finally, please note that I post all my videos on YouTube for free. By buying this printable you are supporting me and my business. I would like to ask you to keep this printable for yourself and not distribute it amongst other metalsmiths or share it online. Thank you for your support.


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