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Have you always wanted to learn how to become a metalsmith but did life point you in a different direction? This is the moment to turn it around. You can learn more about metalsmithing with a minimal investment in education. Starting at just $3,50 a month. Quality Tutorials The tutorials are recorded in high definition with a lot of attention for detail. You can watch in close up how jewelry is made and follow along step by step. I will show you the secrets of the trade. Clear Structure With the beginners metalsmithing course we’ll start at the very basics and you can work your way up. You can even create your own course by watching the tutorials in a different order. Tools & Materials I’ll give you honest advice about the tools you should get and which ones you'll barely use. I will show you how you can alter tools and how you can use them for multiple purposes. No unnecessary investments.

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Lessons 1 - 6 And let's get started. You will get acquainted with the very basics of metalsmithing in these first six lessons and you will learn how to use the most important tools. After these lessons you can measure, cut, sand and shape your material. You will even learn how to alter your tools. My advice for the first part of this course: just dive in, start and enjoy this new journey. And if you save your work, you will be able to see a massive progress after just a few weeks of learning and following along with these tutorials. Put in the work and you will get there!

Lessons 7 - 12 If you have gotten to this part, you'll have the basics down. And this is where the actual fun can begin. In this second block of six lessons you will learn all about soldering. Without a doubt my favorite part about metalsmithing. It is a lot of information to take in, that is why I have made a handout for you to print. Just take a look at it when you are a bit overwhelmed by it all. After learning how to solder you can make your own jewelry. Rings it is! And I'll throw some riveting and precision filing in there as well. The possibilities will be endless if you master these techniques.

Lessons 13 - 18 And after that, there is still more to learn and enjoy. I will show you how you can melt and cast your silver and gold, how to forge and even how to start up your business. And how about some serious stone setting? Bezel setting, flush setting, setting stones with different shapes. You will learn it all. The best part? After watching these final six lessons, there is so much more to explore on my Patreon channel.