Keum-Boo Moon Necklace


Keum-Boo is an ancient Korean technique where a thin layer of gold leaf is fused to another metal. Sterling silver in this case. The gold leaf or gold foil is fused by using heat and pressure. I made this pendant for the following YouTube tutorial, so you get to see how your (?) pendant is made: The base of the pendant is sterling silver and it comes with a matching necklace. If you would like to order this pendant, do keep in mind the the layer of gold added is very thin. This can wear off over time, especially when exposed to substances such as perfume or other chemicals. If you keep this in mind and pay some extra attention to the pendant (store it in a closed box, don’t wear it while sleeping or showering, take it off if you go to the gym and keep it away from chemicals) you can enjoy wearing this necklace for years to come.

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