Bold Geode Necklace


My absolute favorite piece, because hello, a 25 mm Geode in pure perfection. This is Mother Nature at her best. A geode is formed in the centre of the earth and starts out as a small air bubble inside magma. When it rises up to the surface and the air bubble cools down a bit a hard exterior is formed. On the inside the magic continues and while rising to the surface of the earth, small crystals are shaped within the bubble. After a the eruption of a volcano these little bubbles pop out, looking like small stones. And there the human eye comes in. Searching for beauty, slicing stones in half. When they are in luck, a gorgeous geode like this appears. A top of the line gemstone. The setting is made in sterling silver and it comes with a matching necklace. If you want to see how the light catches on to these small crystals, check out this video:

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