If you are interested in stonesetting, this is one of the materials that can really make your job a lot easier. Protoplast is a plastic that turns soft when you heat it over 60 degrees. I find that it works best to use boiled water. Just poor some hot water over the protoplast and watch it turn transparant. You can form it around a pendant before setting a stone or use it to give a ring some extra support while setting. Once your done with whatever it is you are doing, just drop the piece of jewellery with the protoplast in hot water and take your piece out. You can use protoplast over and over again.

If you order protoplast through my website than you will receive an envelope containing 100 grams of protoplast. If ordering through my website isn’t possible from your country, just send me an email at

If you are curious to see how protoplast works in action, you can watch this video on my metalsmithing tutorials channel:–pPeQI .

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