Metalsmithing Tools 3 | Lessons 13 t/m 18


These are the tools you will need to follow along with the final six lessons of my metalsmithing course. With these tools, you will be able to set stones, melt precious metals, cast and forge. I have handpicked the best materials for the job, just for you. Quality tools will save you a lot of work and you can use them for the rest of your career. I am aware that all of these packages combined are quite the investment. Just remember that the course and all other tutorials I provide on my youtube channel are free. So following a class is an investment you can cross of your list. I hope this will make it possible for you to follow your dream.

These are the tools and materials that come with this set:

  • An oval rosequartz gemston 8 x 10 mm, cabochon cut
  • Silver wire, 1000 mm with a thickness of 0,9 mm
  • Silver sheet, 8 x 200 mm with a thickness of 0,5 mm
  • Silver sheet, 15 x 100 mm with a thickness of 1 mm
  • 3 Premade bezels for square 3,5 mm stones (1 extra due to the chance of melting it)
  • 2 square and faceted 3,5 mm stones: synthetic aquamarine
  • 3 Premade bezels for oval 6 x 8 mm stones (1 extra due tot the chance of melting it)
  • An oval and faceted 6 x 8 mm gemstone: amethyst
  • An oval and faceted 6 x 8 mm gemstone: citrine
  • Silver tube with a length of 25 mm. Inner size 1,5 mm / outer size 2,5 mm
  • Silver tube with a length of 25 mm. Inner size 2 mm / outer size 3 mm
  • Silver tube with a length of 25 mm. Inner size 2,5 mm / outer size 3,5 mm
  • Silver tube with a length of 25 mm. Inner size 3 mm / outer size 4 mm
  • A round and faceted 2 mm gemstone: kashmir topaz
  • A round and faceted 2,5 mm gemstone: rainforest topaz
  • A round and faceted 3 mm gemstone: synthetic alexandrite
  • A round and faceted 3,5 mm gemstone: pink rose topaz
  • A magnifier with LED lighting, magnifies up to 20 times
  • A 25 mm embossing hammer with a flat head
  • A 375 grams driving hammer with two different heads
  • A burnisher
  • A clamping divice to hold your homemade needle burnisher
  • A bezel rocker
  • A bezel punch
  • A shellack stick
  • 100 grams of protoplast
  • 4 Stone setting burs, 2 – 3,5 mm
  • 2 Crucibles
  • 2 Crucible pliers
  • Melting powder
  • 100 Ml boraxine
  • A double ingot mold, for wire and sheet metal
  • Blitz beits to darken / patina your silver
  • A brush

There are three items that I have not included in this tool set. These are the pear shaped stone, protective clothing to wear while casting and a rolling mill.

I haven’t added the protective clothing because you might already bought them yourself. If you haven’t yet, a leather apron (for instance a barbeque apron) en sturdy shoes are a good investment. Put your hairs up and wear protective goggles. Work safely, in a well ventilated and organized workshop. Keep a fire extinguisher close.

You don’t need a rolling mill right away, but if you want to make your proffesion out of metalsmithing it is an investment that you can’t get around. You are going to use a rolling mill for rolling out material such as casted wire or nuggets. You can make a ring blank out of casted wire mill a nugget into some sheet metal for a pendant. You can use your clients heirloom gold or scrap metal that you have yourself for this. I am using a Durston rolling mill myself. Durston is a very well known brand in the jewelry industry. If you are interested in buying a Durston rolling mill (or another item from their shop) it would be great if you could use this affiliate link: I receive a bonus every time someone uses this link to place an order. Off course I would never point you towards Durston if I wasn’t absolutely convinced that the quality of their tools is superb. Don’t feel obligated to use this link, but explore yourself which products or brands feel good to you. After investing in a rolling mill and all the tools and materials that I advised you to get at the other two tool packages, you have all the tools you will need in your career.

I hope you will have a lot of fun exploring this great proffesion.

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