Metalsmithing Tools 2 | Lessons 7 – 12


If you have stumbled upon my site, you are probebly following along with my online metalsmithing course. With this second tool package you can follow the second part of this course. In the second part (lessons 7-12) you are going to learn all about soldering and polishing.

I have picked out the best tools for the job and you will only find tools that you are actually going to use. Decent tools will save you a lot of work so please save yourself some money and invest in proper tools right away. I am aware that this set is quite the investment. Don’t forget that you are saving a lot of money by not having to pay for a course or education. The tutorials I post on my youtube channel are and will remain free. No strings attached.

With these materials, that I have put together very carefully, you can follow along the second part of my course. You will use them throughout your metalsmithing career. Pleas be aware that a soldering setup is not included. You can purchase this through my website as well if you are interested. This set contains:

  • Another set of messing practice plates
  • A silver strip you can use to make a wide ring
  • Silver wire you can use to make a set of stacking rings
  • Hard Solder (silver)
  • Medium Solder (silver)
  • Soft Solder (silver)
  • 100 ml. Boraxine / flux
  • Brush
  • Soldering plate
  • Metal tray to hold your soldering plate
  • Soldering pins
  • Vitrex (pickle solution)
  • Acid tweezers
  • Metal cutting pliers
  • Titanium soldering tweezers
  • Titanium soldering pick
  • Third hand tool with extra soldering tweezers
  • 6 Hard flex shaft polishing brushes
  • 2 Cotton discs for your flex shaft
  • 2 Wool pads for your flex shaft
  • 2 Felt cones for your flex shaft
  • Black polishing compound (water based)
  • Orange polishing compound (water based)
  • Ring Clamp
  • Tribulet
  • Half rounded pliers
  • Half round file
  • Handle for your half round file
  • A mandrel for your flex shaft
  • A 1,5 mm heart burr
  • Half rounded sanding sticks in 4 different grits
  • Sanding paper in 4 different grits

Shipping costs are not included and may vary depending on the country that you live in. For instance, shipping costs for Europe are €20. Shipping to the United States will cost €35. If you want specific information for shipping a set to your country, feel free to send me an email at I will be happy to help you out.