Flex Shaft Advice (FREE)


Next to your torch this is the most important piece of your jewelry tool collection. You can do just about everything with your flex shaft: sanding, polishing, drilling and burring. And if you are interested in stone setting, you really need one. Even if you are on a limited budget I would advice you to really invest in a decent flex shaft. You can even save yourself some money by not buying a mini drill press or polishing machine.

Why I don’t sell a flex shaft in my webshop? I would love to do so, but there is a lot of choice and the one I am using would cost you €515*. I cannot offer you a better price so I will gladly give you the best advice and I hope that your own search will lead you to the best flex shaft you can afford.



  • Choose a flex shaft with a quick release handpiece
  • Check if you can change the handpiece so that you can use a hammer handpiece as well (if desired)
  • Preferably your flex shaft can rotate forward and a backwards
  • Which type of flex shaft speaks to you? Would you like a foot switch or another type of operation?
  • Check if everything is included: the pendant motor itself, the hose, foot switch, handpiece, stand and burrs.


I am using the Foredom 2220 with quick change handpiece. I am very happy about this flex shaft. What I love about it is how quickly I can change tools and that the motor spins forward and backwards. With my normal work the motor is fine as it is, but when I want to polish something I will reverse the motor. This way the polishing particles will go the other way and will not land in my face. It is a heavy duty tool and I am extremely satisfied by it’s performance.

*If you would like to purchase the foredom 2220 flex shaft with quick change handpiece, foot pedal, 50 different drills and bits and a drill bit stand you can always contact me. The price for this set is €515. The only thing that is not included is a stand for you to hang the flex shaft on.