Elma S10H Ultrasonic Device


Before I bought this ultrasonic device I used to clean my jewelry by hand. A baby tootbrush and some dishwasher soap and very hot water did the trick. But my work load grew so it was more convenient to invest in a device like this. I informed myself over the different types of ultrasonics, the costs and the options of the different devices. This is the ultrasonic that I decided to buy myself. It is an device of a known brand, high quality and for every day use. You can turn it on, heat it up and it will be ready to go in minutes. It has a heating function, can degas and sweep for extra intens cleaning. This Elma S10H ultrasonic device will come with a basket to put your jewelry in. But be aware, it does have a Dutch outlet. If you order in from another country it may be possible that you will have to use a travel adapter. This does not come with the set. This ultrasonic device will cost €455 without shipping costs. Cost for shipping outside of the Netherlands are €25.