Delft Clay Casting Set


With this Delft clay casting set you will have anything you need to get started with casting yourself. You can use this method to cast one or multiple pieces of jewelry just like I did in this video: Delft clay casting Tutorial. You can see how I used a simple button as a design for a beautiful and luxurious pair of earrings. Off course you can make a design yourself out of wax and use this for the delft clay casting to cast it in silver or gold. This way you can create your very own jewelry line.

These are the items you will get when you buy this set:

  • Delft Clay (1 kg, re-usable)
  • A aluminum casting ring, with a diameter of 60 mm
  • A large metal ruler
  • Talcum powder
  • A soft haired brush
  • A knife
  • A Crucible (do not forget to coat your crucible before you use it)
  • Pliers to hold your crucible
  • Tweezers

Extra informatie

Gewicht 4900 g