Complete Soldering Setup


One of the most important tools that you are going to use as a metalsmith is your torch. There are different types of torches you can use but not every torch is suitable for every job. If you want to melt gold you will need a much hotter flame than when you want to attach a jumpring to a necklace for example. With this set you can do all of the work with just this one torch. And instead of using oxygen, which is highly flamable, you can use air to create the same result. If you order this soldering setup you have a complete set. The only thing that is not included is a flask with propane gas. As you may understand I cannot send these per mail, but I am sure your local gas dealer will be glad to help you out.

Before you start out metalsmithing and buying materials it is wise to think about how seriously you want to take this hobby. If you are going to make your profession out of it, than this is a setup which will make you very happy. It is the setup that I use every day myself. If your just tinkering around a bit maybe a regular torch will do for you. Keep in mind that a regular good quality torch with different torch heads will cost about €250 as well.


In this video (click here) you can see exactly what you will be buying and how to use it:

  • The torch with propane gas and air exits
  • A small aircompressor (this has a 220V plug, you may need an adapter with another outlet)
  • 5 meters hose for propane gas
  • 4 clamps to attach to the hoses
  • A pressure regulator
  • A torch holder

Shipping costs are not included.

Installing your soldering setup is easy:

First off you’ll take the hose and divide it in two parts. You will connect the end of the first hose to the aircompressor and secure it with a clamp. Connect the other end of the hose to the air exit on your torch. Pay attention that you will attach it to the right exit and secure it with a ring clamp. After this you will take the second hose and you’ll attach it and secure it with a ring clamp to the propane gas exit on your torch. Screw the gas pressure regulator onto the flask and attach the end of the second hose to the regulator. Again, secure it with a ring clamp. Put the plug of the aircompressor in the socket and your ready to go. After using your soldering setup, always turn of the compressor and close the gas flask. Check the state of your hoses periodically.

Take safety measures and always work responsibly. Ventilate the area you work in and keep flammable solutions away from your work area. Use this set at your own risk.

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