Metalsmithing Tools 1 | Lessons 1 – 6


Congratulations! You are entering your first steps of becoming a metalsmith. And it is a great profession! I have made an online course, completely free for you to follow. All you need now are the tools to get started. I have put together a package with basic tools I use myself almost daily. It holds the materials that you can use to get started, and you will keep on using throughout your career. This package is designed to use with the first six lessons of my online metalsmithing course.

I have picked out the best tools for the job. Decent tools will save you a lot of work. When I got started, I started out with some cheaper tools seeing as I had invested so much already. Within a few months I had to replace these tools because they just couldn’t do the work. So please safe yourself some money and invest in proper tools right away. I am aware that this set is quite the investment. Don’t forget that you are saving a lot of money by not having to pay for a course or education. The tutorials I post on my website are and will remain free. No strings attached.


With these materials, that I have put together very carefully, you can make a wonderful start in the world of metalsmithing. Next to these tools, you will need a flex shaft as well. You can use your flex shaft for drilling, polishing and even sanding. The flex shaft isn’t available through my website because I cannot give you a decent price for the flex shaft. You will be better off buying it online yourself. You can find some more information about it here: Flex Shaft Advice (FREE) Now on with the contents of this package:

  • A caliper
  • A metal compass
  • A scribe tool
  • A metal ruler
  • A square hook
  • Gold smithing hammer
  • A plastic hammer without backlash
  • Pointed nose pliers
  • Rounded nose pliers
  • Flat jaw pliers
  • Head cutting pliers
  • Gold smith saw
  • Bench pin with anvil
  • 100 Saw blades 2/0
  • Set of 6 needle files
  • Flat hand file
  • Hand file handle
  • 8 Sheets of sanding paper in 4 different grits
  • 8 Sanding paper sticks in 4 different grits
  • Brass plates (2 pieces) 1,5 mm thick, 100 x 50 mm long
  • Brass wire, 1,5 mm thick, 100 cm long
  • 3 Ball burrs in different sizes
  • 1 Heart burr

Next to the items listed above, painter’s tape, a pencil and eraser, drawing paper and a candle stick (for lubricating your saw blade) will come in handy.

Shipping costs are not included and may vary depending on the country that you live in. For instance, shipping costs for Europe are €20. Shipping to the United States will cost €35. If you want specific information for shipping a set to your country, feel free to send me an email at I will be happy to help you out.